View your MLAs activity in 12th Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly (2013- 2017)
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12th Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly (2013- 2017)

Note :

Data Source: Himachal Pradesh Assembly Website.

Data for questions corresponds to the period between January, 2013 to August, 2017.

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Data for debates corresponds to the period between April, 2015 to August, 2017. The data for debates does not account for debates related to Annual Administrative Report, Annual Audit Report, Annual Report, Budget Supplementary Presentation, Notifications, Ordinance Laid on the Table of the House, Presentation of Report of Business Advisory Committee and Question Hour. Except the question hour for which the data is captured elsewhere, all the other reports excluded were not discussed (more than 1 minute) on the floor of the House.

Ministers represent the government in debates, so we do not report their participation. They do not sign the attendance register, ask questions, or introduce private member bills. Hence, data for them is not available (N/A).

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