Bhagirath Prasad

Bhagirath Prasad
State : Madhya Pradesh (30 more MPs)
Constituency : Bhind
Party : Bharatiya Janata Party (286 more MPs)
Nature of membership : Elected
Start Of Term : 18-May-14
End Of Term : In office
No. of Term : First
Standing Committee Membership : Human Resource Development

Personal Profile :
Age : 71
Gender : Male
Education : Doctorate
Education Detail : M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,(JNU)
(Data corresponds to the period from 1 Jun 2014 to 10 Aug 2018.)

Parliamentary Performance :

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   Selected MP
   National Average
   State Average
Selected MP : 85%
National Avg : 80%
State Avg : 82%
Selected MP : 26
National Avg : 63.6
State Avg : 66.6
Selected MP : 70
National Avg : 267
State Avg : 262
     Private Members' Bills
Selected MP : 0
National Avg : 2
State Avg : 0.8
Attendance details of Bhagirath Prasad (85% attendance)
Session Attendance
Monsoon Session 2018 94%
Budget Session 2018 97%
Winter Session 2017 85%
Monsoon Session 2017 95%
Budget Session 2017 69%
Winter Session 2016 81%
Monsoon Session 2016 95%
Budget Session 2016 P.2 85%
Budget Session 2016 P.1 69%
Winter Session 2015 70%
Monsoon Session 2015 88%
Budget Session 2015 77%
Winter Session 2014 82%
Budget Session 2014 96%
First Session 100%
Debates details of Bhagirath Prasad (participated in 26 debate)
Date Debate title/ Bill name Debate type
06-Aug-2018 Government Bills
01-Aug-2018 Special Mention
23-Jul-2018 LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
15-Mar-2018 LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
07-Feb-2018 LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
03-Jan-2018 LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
28-Dec-2017 Special Mention
21-Dec-2017 Budget (General)
21-Mar-2017 Special Mention
09-Feb-2017 Budget (General)
07-Feb-2017 LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
05-Aug-2016 Special Mention
29-Jul-2016 Special Mention
10-May-2016 Special Mention
16-Dec-2015 LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
03-Dec-2015 LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
03-Dec-2015 Special Mention
27-Nov-2015 Others
06-Aug-2015 LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
31-Jul-2015 Special Mention
20-Mar-2015 LS - Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
17-Mar-2015 LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
16-Mar-2015 Budget (General)
13-Mar-2015 Special Mention
11-Mar-2015 Budget (Railways)
13-Aug-2014 LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
Questions details of Bhagirath Prasad (70 question asked)
Date Title Question type Ministry
06-Aug-2018 Unstarred

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
01-Aug-2018 Starred

Prime Minister
31-Jul-2018 Unstarred

Agriculture and Farmers Welfare
04-Apr-2018 Unstarred

Prime Minister
03-Apr-2018 Starred

Home Affairs
02-Apr-2018 Unstarred

Human Resource Development
02-Apr-2018 Unstarred

Tribal Affairs
22-Mar-2018 Unstarred

Rural Development
19-Mar-2018 Unstarred

Tribal Affairs
15-Mar-2018 Unstarred

12-Mar-2018 Unstarred

Commerce and Industry
09-Mar-2018 Unstarred

Environment, Forest and Climate Change
05-Mar-2018 Unstarred

Petroleum and Natural Gas
09-Feb-2018 Unstarred

Health and Family Welfare
08-Feb-2018 Unstarred

New and Renewable Energy
07-Feb-2018 Unstarred

Law and Justice
05-Feb-2018 Unstarred

02-Feb-2018 Unstarred

Health and Family Welfare
05-Jan-2018 Unstarred

Health and Family Welfare
04-Jan-2018 Starred

Civil Aviation
03-Jan-2018 Unstarred

02-Jan-2018 Unstarred

Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
01-Jan-2018 Unstarred

Tribal Affairs
28-Dec-2017 Unstarred

21-Dec-2017 Unstarred

18-Dec-2017 Unstarred

Petroleum and Natural Gas
18-Dec-2017 Starred

Labour and Employment
15-Dec-2017 Unstarred

Corporate Affairs
11-Aug-2017 Starred

08-Aug-2017 Unstarred

Environment, Forest and Climate Change
28-Jul-2017 Unstarred

25-Jul-2017 Unstarred

Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
21-Jul-2017 Starred

12-Apr-2017 Unstarred

Prime Minister
06-Apr-2017 Starred

30-Mar-2017 Unstarred

Rural Development
28-Mar-2017 Unstarred

Agriculture and Farmers Welfare
27-Mar-2017 Unstarred

Human Resource Development
23-Mar-2017 Unstarred

Road Transport and Highways
22-Mar-2017 Unstarred

Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
20-Mar-2017 Starred

Human Resource Development
16-Mar-2017 Unstarred

Panchayati Raj
15-Mar-2017 Unstarred

Law and Justice
09-Feb-2017 Unstarred

Youth Affairs and Sports
08-Feb-2017 Unstarred

16-Dec-2016 Unstarred

09-Dec-2016 Unstarred

02-Dec-2016 Unstarred

17-Nov-2016 Starred

Civil Aviation
12-Aug-2016 Unstarred

25-Jul-2016 Unstarred

Petroleum and Natural Gas
08-Mar-2016 Unstarred

Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
23-Dec-2015 Unstarred

13-Aug-2015 Unstarred

Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
06-Aug-2015 Unstarred

Law and Justice
05-May-2015 Unstarred

28-Apr-2015 Unstarred

Social Justice and Empowerment
24-Apr-2015 Starred

22-Apr-2015 Unstarred

Human Resource Development
21-Apr-2015 Unstarred

Social Justice and Empowerment
20-Apr-2015 Unstarred

16-Mar-2015 Unstarred

09-Mar-2015 Unstarred

02-Mar-2015 Unstarred

23-Dec-2014 Unstarred

Social Justice and Empowerment
23-Dec-2014 Unstarred

Home Affairs
17-Dec-2014 Unstarred

Human Resource Development
08-Dec-2014 Unstarred

04-Dec-2014 Unstarred

Rural Development
14-Aug-2014 Unstarred


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